AI: Improving Workflow Through Worker Behaviors

The last paragraph of this article by Gigaom offers good advice about AI: look for solution providers that are using AI to help improve workflows based on workers’ behaviors. In my experience, this often means looking beyond solutions that are ready-made for learning. 

Gigaom also identifies four “tectonic shifts” taking place that are driven by the need to provide “greater personalization and efficiency in how we use technology.” The first shift listed is the changing behavior and expectations of Millennials and Gen Z employees. Blah, blah, blah… enough generational stuff! (It’s always been a pet peeve.) Newsflash: The desire for a “consumer-level technologies” that allow for a “quick, efficient, and intuitive” experience is something most workers expect (note I didn’t say employees) regardless of age. Even crotchety old Gen X’ers like me want an online experience that helps us accomplish our work quickly, efficiently, and more intuitively.

The second shift listed is digital transformation, defined in the article as a modernization of business activities, processes and models to become completely digitized. Again, not really a tectonic shift as much as evolution – although a very difficult shift to make.  

The third shift is about the trend toward technology procurement and a change in how decisions are made – at the unit or team-level vs. the C-level. I see this more as learning becomes more about the work.

The fourth shift is cloud-based technology training challenges associated with rapid change and how AI may help solve this challenge. For me that means thinking about training differently. AI will be big deal in 2018.

Gigaom | How Artificial Intelligence Will Personalize How We Work | December 14, 2017

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