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2020 New Year’s Resolutions: Writing it down so it will stick

Historically I haven’t followed through with my New Year’s resolutions. For example, I bought a gym membership one January and went to the gym exactly once (so that was like a $299 work out). LOL. This year, I thought I’d write down my resolutions and then document my progress throughout the year. I went with a “more” or “less” list because I think that’s more do-able on a monthly basis. I’ll write about the first resolution today, the second tomorrow, and so on….Let’s go, Janet!

  1. Less consumerism (January: No Amazon purchases)
  2. More recycling (January: Sell good, unworn clothing on Poshmark and put any earned money toward carbon offsetting for the trip)
  3. More travel (January: Make a short list of places to go)
  4. More “real life” (January: If I must buy something, I will go local and actually talk a real person)
  5. Less screen time (January: I will not use look at screens after 6:00 pm on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s…starting small here)
  6. More corgi (January: Go for a short walk daily now that my toe is almost back to normal)
Miss Polly is going to miss the delivery people because they give her biscuits.

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