Unicorn dreams — more on well-being (in a stream-of-consciousness style)

It’s not like I *expected* to have a vivid dream last night after taking a bath with “Unicorn Dreams” bubble bath. Certainly not a weird dream about (of all things) eyebrows. Eyebrows! But there you go.

I suspect the catalyst for this eyebrow dream was not a quirky bubble bath product but subconscious advertising (read: Instagram ad) for a fad du jour: the boy brow (fun fact: there’s a Boy Brow Room in NY…look it up).

ICYMI, eyebrows are an industry (approximately $160 million worldwide) and, the best I can tell, the boy brow is a natural brow. We spend a huge amount of money to have natural brows. It’s all about androgyny apparently. It’s as hysterical as nude makeup.

But I digress…

This whole bathing in “unicorn dreams” stream of consciousness piece is supposed to be about well-being! It’s real. Yale University even studied the benefits of a bath for well-being and mental health.

Now that I know this, I’m not upset that I spent $8,000 to have a bathroom redone for myself. I had it done while I was out of town. Seriously. No one goes in there but me and it’s always clean. A place where unicorns can poop glitter if they want. Or dream about boy brows.

What’s the point of all of this? It’s the little things of course. Like a bath. With bubbles made of unicorn dreams.

Pro tip: In the event you are a thrifty shopper, Unicorn Dreams bubble bath can be purchased for as little as $2.97. So, drop a nickle of it in your $2,000 bath tonight and dream a little and take care of you. Thanks for reading.

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