Maybe this is my one blog post for 2019? Or, maybe not? We’ll see…

I just received my web hosting invoice from Laughing Squid so decided to check on my blog to see if it was still “here.” It is.  I noticed I blogged exactly once in 2018 and it wasn’t even an interesting post. This post might end up being the only one I publish in 2019 and I’m already pretty sure it’s not going to be very interesting either. At least it’s starting out that way.

Well-being:the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about well-being lately. It’s hard to avoid because it is a 4.2 trillion dollar industry. I can’t validate that or even tell you what is considered “well-being.” You’ll have to read the study. Spoiler: it includes thermal springs (56 billion). By comparison, the workplace well-being industry is 47 billion. I feel like I’ve been missing out on the whole thermal spring thing.

For most of 2018 I was neither happy nor healthy for any substantial length of time (prosperity is more relative term). I drank too much, became reliant on benzos for crippling anxiety, was obnoxious to my family, and was mediocre at best in others areas of my life. I decided in December to take care of that with a bit of a respite for the entire month. In some circles this is known as a 28-day stint in rehab. I prefer respite.

Having an illness of the brain is not an embarrassment any longer. There is help and life can be better if go out and find it.

I returned home in January healthier but, as the truism goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” (I don’t mean that in the context of mindfulness which, by the way, is a 1 billion dollar industry which I have contributed to with yoga mats, satin eye masks, massages, and several apps).

You can’t escape yourself by going somewhere else (although sunshine does a girl good).

It took just over three months for me to lapse. It happened at a conference  (a real trigger for me) because it’s easy to make a bad decision when you’re alone. I’m doing better now. Happy enough. Healthy enough. And now googling “thermal springs near me.”

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