Yes, I do in fact follow 616 blogs

October 14, 2010

Ricky: We’ve got to use our brains.
Lucy: Well, let’s see ..
Ricky: You stay out of this.

Seriously, it’s no wonder my feed reader is overwhelming right now. Over time, I’ve messed this up pretty good.

Look at these categories and you’ll see how I ended up with duplicates in various folders. And “other”? Please…it’s about as lazy as the attempted new Gap logo.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Academic (Brainiacs)
  • Business (People who write about *you guessed it* business. Super fun!)
  • Corporate E-learning  (This one’s in pretty good shape.)
  • EdTech (I mean who even says that outside of educational technology departments?)
  • Games (Very few here…I’d like them all this simple.)
  • Humor (Essential reading from messed up individuals)
  • K-12 (For my children.)
  • Other E-learning (See what I mean? Lazy. Some of these aren’t even “e.”)
  • Other Tech (Not to be confused with the folder “Tech” which does not exist or “EdTech” which shouldn’t.)
  • Society (This is depressing reading.)
  • Virtual Worlds (Mostly newer 3D stuff…not Second Life…which you probably thought of first.)
  • Garden (I like looking at successful gardens.)
  • Google (I think they – Google – made this folder themselves…because I sure the hell don’t remember making it.)
  • Journalism (Just some good writing about writing and media.)
  • Recommended by Others (This was supposed to be my quarantine area…i.e., I know *you* want to read but do I?)
  • Social Web (This is a bunch of social media mavens.)

and, below all those folders, a boatload of subscriptions not yet classified.

Would you start over? How do you categorize your reading? How many subscriptions do you manage?

  • cm

    That number is not daunting unless you attempt to review posts from each one daily. What is interesting is this: how do you find the relevant content that is useful to you in these 616 blogs?

  • Ener Hax

    hmm, i follow the ENTIRE world wide web (muahaha) – i simply use google alerts for the topics i follow. i think my google reader would be a mess with 616 feeds =)

    oh, and i have a really cool concept that seems underrated . . . wait for it . . . other people!

    wow eh? right? i am such a leader on this one *rolls eyes* people in my blog and in my twitter stream actually ask if i have seen this or that (the tweeps are really good for that for me). who would have thunk that social networking could involve people talking with one another? =D

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