Oh crap, it’s my day for the book tour.

September 30, 2010

That weekly calendar pop up I received every week for the PAST SEVERAL WEEKS reminding of the day I was to contribute to my good friend Jane’s book tour just kept getting pushed back. So here I am watching “Outsourced” and browsing through Jane’s book realizing that pop up popped up for the last time. There are so many nice review’s of the book, I just thought I’d give some advice on how to actually use it (beyond simply reading it).

10 Things you can do with Jane Bozarth’s new book, Social Media for Trainers:

  1. Read it, of course, then…
  2. Casually drop the book on the desk of a frustrated coworker who says he just doesn’t get all the “social media” stuff…or
  3. Use material from the book for staff training…or
  4. Donate one to a school or library…or be evil and…
  5. Send a tweet to someone who annoys you and tell them [you think] they’re featured in the Twitter chapter. You could also…
  6. Buy the Kindle edition so you’ll have it as an electronic resource then be all uppity and….
  7. Take your Kindle to various events and say, “what are you reading? I’m reading my good friend Jane’s book. I have many friends who authors”…or
  8. Use it as inspiration to write your own book…and of course…
  9. Apply the ideas in the book. Finally,
  10. Thank Jane for writing a really easy-to-read, practical book.

  • Cammybean

    I love you, Janet Clarey!

  • http://www.bozarthzone.com JaneBozarth

    I hadn’t thought a blog post about me that began “oh crap” would end so well. Many don’t. 😉 Thanks, Janet!

  • http://twitter.com/techherding Dick Carlson

    I’ve been reading it out on the deck, in the evenings, while sipping an adult beverage. While I enjoy the inside the exterior is just the right size for slapping mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

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