Instructional Design by Example

March 19, 2010

I launched a new blog this week for showcasing e-learning examples. The plan is to provide a centralized location for examples of e-learning courses and details about the instructional design process used in creating them. I also hope to share specifics about the logistics of the courses. Anyone is welcome to submit an example using the submission form.

  • Connie Malamed

    Excellent resource, Janet. I'm collecting a list of sites on The eLearning Coach where you can see how other people are doing eLearning, so I'll add your site to my list. This is a great and important idea for a site. Thanks for thinking of it!

  • Sreya Dutta

    Janet, I think this is a really cool idea. Unfortunately all I have made is owned by the companies I have worked for. But certainly learning by example is the best way to do this.


  • website builder

    Looks like this is a pretty good website and it is really useful.

  • Naples web design

    I have check your blog and it’s really useful because it provide e-learning service and what I love as I see your blog is that it provides instructional design on how to create them well.

  • me – grae

    Getting error message when I try to access the site:

    Error establishing a database connection

  • jclarey

    Yes. I had a database issue and now have to rebuild the site ; (

  • Amylk

    Is there any update on the site error?

  • Janet

    Come to find out it was operator error : )
    I haven’t been able to find enough time to recreate although I do know of someone interested in taking it on.
    Thanks for reminding me : )

  • David

    Hi Janet
    Thanks for your new E-learning site. I am an E-learning developer from Melbourne, Australia, and I also have a blog with reviews of a range of E-learning tools, courses and examples. It is at 
    I hope you visit my site as well. All the best as you develop your site.

  • Web Developers Perth

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  • dm


    Where are the “examples of e-learning courses and details about the instructional design process used in creating them?”

  • jclarey

     Unfortunately, I closed the website down.

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