Rather than going to WordCamp NYC…

November 19, 2009

I was signed up to go to WordCamp NYC last weekend but was too much of a lightweight to take the red eye from California directly to WordCamp NYC after the DevLearn conference.
Instead, I went home and removed the lint from the dryer vent because, you know, that’s really important.
One of the main reasons I wanted to go was to hear Matt Mullenweg. He’s the 25-year old founder of WordPress.

Here’s the next best thing I guess…he was interviewed on “This Week in Startups” with Jason Calacanis and Joel Spolsky.

Did you know 1 in 3 people online in the US visit a WordPress blog (even though many are not actually used as blogs)? (This blog, in fact, is a WordPress blog.)
Random factoid: He went to the same school Beyonce went to (High School for the Performing and Visual Arts).

Love this question…

Interviewer to Matt: Did you think at some point, Jesus Christ, I’m a fraud, I’m getting myself in over my head. All these guys think it’s going to be a big thing…putting millions of dollars into the company…I’ve got dozens of people working here. Did you ever have that doubt…this can’t be real or this is going to end badly or did you always think it was going straight up?

Matt’s answer

…I’ve always been careful not to…I’m kind of antihype, anti over-promising so I kind of managed the expectations at a very low level. So saying…who knows how this is going to go.

He’s so down to earth. And he’s got a beautiful website and awesome URL. I had to check if it’s WordPress ( I KNEW it would be.)  Here’s what it says:

“This page took 0.205 seconds of computer labor to produce.
This blog was formerly known as Photo Matt, and lived at photomatt.net.
Proudly powered by WordPress. Also powered by ramen noodles, XFN, Ping-O-Matic, and love.
Designed by Julien Morel | Joolz.fr”

Ramen noodles. Gotta love that.

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