Drop the "social" in "social learning" when talking to the C-suite

November 14, 2009

Andrew McAfee, who literally wrote the book on Enterprise 2.0,  delivered the keynote address on the first day of the E-Learning Guild’s DevLearn 09 conference.

You say “social,” McAfee said, and the CXO will think this…


Enterprise 2.0 makes clear that the new technologies are good for much more than just socializing-when properly applied, they help businesses solve pressing problems, capture dispersed and fast-changing knowledge, highlight and leverage expertise, generate and refine ideas, and harness the wisdom of crowds. (from the book)

So  for the C-suite cut the social terminology. Talk about what problem you’re trying to fix (open communication channels, connecting cross-functional groups, project management, on-the-job support, matching experts, reducing redundancy, knowledge management).

I think this is spot on and, BONUS, it seems to ironically fit my persona : )

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