Rapid (Collaborative) Authoring Tools for developers/SMEs in multiple locations

June 17, 2009

I’ve been slicing and dicing our Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase and doing some online research in response to a question about collaborative rapid authoring tools that developers in multiple locations can use. Thought I’d share what I found for three reasons – (1) hopefully to provide some valuable information, (2) to see who I may have missed so I can add them and/or get them added to our KnowledgeBase (3) to let you know about the type of client-driven research we do at Brandon Hall Research.

After looking at the Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase I went to my LinkedIn and Twitter network. Immediately heard back from two people. (gotta love crowdsourcing)

My methodology:

  1. Rapid = Tool designed for SME with no page design, authoring, or programming experience (this doesn’t exclude tools with additional functionality for advanced users).
  2. Collaborative across locations = Server-based authoring environment that one or more content developers access simultaneously using their browser for collaborative authoring.
  3. PRIMARY type of content is online courses, CBT, conversion of existing content, presentations (and not tests/assessment, games, simulation tools). Authoring tool vendors sometimes get ticked off about being excluded from this type of filter when their primary type of content is excluded but their secondary type content is not. (e.g. they are primarily a test/assessment tool but also can do online courses). Note to vendors: If you fall in that category, feel free to make comments with information about your authoring tool.

(Also note that I have not used each of these tools but am familiar with them. I’m not making recommendations, just a resource)

Collaborative Rapid Authoring Tools:

If you needed more filtering the Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase can break things down to computer platforms (play and develop), plug-in requirement, SCORM, languages, third-party interoperability and ton of of other stuff.

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