7th things you don't need to know about me but might anyway because I'm about to write them down and then tell 7 other people to do the same, cluttering up the internet with 49 random things

December 30, 2008

Cammy Bean, Manager of Instructional Design at an e-Learning company and one of my favorite e-learning bloggers, tagged me for a 7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me meme. Like Cammy, I did an 8 Random Facts meme some time ago which, reading now, reminded me that these types of activities feel a lot like going out to Friday happy hour after work with friends. But without the booze, karaoke, or Monday morning shame.

Actually, I think memes are an interesting way to get to know other bloggers beyond what they normally should write about if they were concerned about such things as SEO, professionalism, and other such nonsense. So, for those of you that don’t blog, this is yet one more reason to do so: memes. Blurt out for the whole world random stuff that could potentially be read aloud by a sibling with a grudge at your next family party. Or become the reason you never got that job interview.

Here’s my 7 things:

  1. I cried at the movie Marley & Me last night and cried some more when I got home to help my 13 year-old dog go outside. And, I could probably cry some more right now because he’s sleeping at my feet as he does every day.
  2. I had two big, old maple trees outside of my house (and office) that I looked at every day. I had one cut down because it was going to fall on the house and I worried about it every time we had high winds. I paid a ‘tree guy’ $400 to remove it and as he left he said, “you should really be more worried about that other tree. I hope you have insurance on your cars.”  So now I look at the remaining tree every day and wonder…and worry when we get high winds.
  3. I have hundreds of trees. (this for the treehuggers that bummed re: #2)
  4. I let my youngest create his bedroom in the cubbyhole under the stairs and secretly want his real bedroom for an office but then realize that he will get taller and won’t fit under the stairs anymore and then I think that I could have an office in the cubbyhole under the stairs if I put some electrical outlets in there because, face it, I’m not getting any taller.
  5. I went to several stores looking to buy the DVD for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Each store only had the first 5 movies. I learned from a clerk that the movie was coming to theaters July ’09. (Note to self: lay off the potions)
  6. I met a teacher from Virginia at my son’s hockey game here in rural New York this weekend who was visiting her nephew. We talked wikis, blogs,  a conference where she me Daniel Pink & Alan November, and Twitter. I realized then that I rarely meet people offline who I can talk to about my work.  (other than at Syracuse University where I am a student of ID but that’s different conversation entirely)
  7. I am spending my kids college tuition.

OK. So now it’s time to tag 7 others…

  1. Christine Martell
  2. Kristina Schneider
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