5 USB gadgets with educational applications

January 15, 2008

These are either fun geek gadgets with some educational value or gadgets that will provide an interesting explanation for the question, “why were you fired?”




Fully interactive USB Boxer with graphics and sounds. Educational application: Can greatly improve keyboarding skills and overall dexterity – especially when the trainees job includes heavy usage of the arrows on their keyboard.






USB Finger Dance Mat. Educational application: improves hand-eye coordination.




USB Mini Arcade Basketball. Educational Application: “desktop peripheral that stimulates cognitive workspace development.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!





USB Self-destruction button. Educational application:Instead of the new guy yelling aaahhhggh! when he’s had enough e-learning for the day, have him activate the initiation switches, turn the key, flip the safety lid, and then… press the button.




USB Missile Launcher. Educational application: While completing e-learning at the desk, works better than the little ‘do not disturb’ sign.

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