5 things I miss about December in the office and 5 things not so much

December 7, 2007

cupcake.jpgStuff I miss…

  1. The ‘holiday’ office buffet – while I disliked the feeding troth at the office most of the year, I do miss it this time of year. After over-indulging at holiday parties, the ability to make breakfast was just out of reach so day-old cupcakes in the morning were much appreciated.
  2. The fun holiday gifts – c’mon, who doesn’t like giving and getting presents like good wine, successories motivational posters or demotivational products (depending on your position on the org chart) from their twisted offspring at despair.com?
  3. Holiday decor – rushing to finish up projects before the end of the year, it was always fun to watch others ditch work to decorate the cubes. It looked so purty…I can’t find my garland here at the home office so will have to settle for a festive screensaver. Maybe not though…I’m trying to finish my projects.
  4. Christmas parties – I liked the small ones with just the group I worked with. Always nice to lunch with friends (who are really family) and reflect and laugh. Mostly laugh. Mostly laugh about the last LMS implementation and stuff no one else would laugh at. You had to be there, right?
  5. My little, portable office heater – just toasty, and who doesn’t like to feel toasty? It’s cold in New York in December.
  6. Attempting to use up the last of the yearly budget – dream office shopping…are you mclovin it or what?

Stuff I don’t miss…

  1. December fat clothes – see #1 above.
  2. No vacation time left- my current work arrangement gives me the flexibility to take care of things I would normally have had to take vacation days for. As a result, I’m left with some vacation days in December. Yay!
  3. People with vacation time left – sandbaggers and people with a zillion years of service could take nearly the entire month off. Ah well, more old cupcakes for me then.
  4. Inability to take a few moments and shop online. Darn blocking software!
  5. Scraping the ice off the car in the early morning and making the commute in to work. Suckas!

Flickr photo by dotsara

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