SysAdmin Appreciation Day

July 27, 2007

Jonathan Schwartz is chief executive officer and president of Sun Microsystems. He blogs. His post today alerted me to the fact that it is System Administration Appreciation Day.

I had the pleasure of working with some great SysAdmins over the years. Training new employees on software meant I saw IT frequently whether it was in the PC lab, at the new employee’s desk, or at my own desk. They bailed me out of some potentially catastrophic situations, educated me, and refrained from laughing at me until I was clearly out of sight.

  • You need an extension cord? That’s really facilities area but yeah, I’ll bring it up.
  • Janet, is that plugged in? It sounds like it’s not even plugged in…no Janet, don’t worry about it…happens all the time.
  • We don’t have any record of that new employee. We’ll have to get them set up in the system. I’ll do it now. How do you spell their last name?
  • What do you mean there’s no PC at that desk? I don’t have anything from the supervisor…OK, I’ll get it set up by lunch time. Where is their desk?
  • You need what installed?

Overtime, I guess they didn’t enjoy seeing me as much as I enjoyed seeing them so they gave me the <drumroll>SysAdmin Password</drumroll>. I know, right? Shiny, shiny.

To all of the trainers who also wear the hat of SysAdmin – who have crawled under desks 5 minutes before a training class – may I say – American style – Have a Great Day! As for me, I’m going to email some old SysAdmin friends and thank them. Should I use all CAPS? I know they love that…

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