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July 26, 2007

Now here’s one way to overcome an IT department’s fear of blogging. Get them blogging by pointing them to the IT Blog at The State University of New York (SUNY) at Delhi. What a great way to reach out. It looks like this blog is just a couple of months old. From their about page…

Academics continually challenges us all to reflect, discover, debate and understand. Considering this, it is appropriate to apply these same challenges to the field of technology, a field that now supports teaching and learning in so many ways. Why do we operate and offer the services and systems we do? What are those new or evolving technologies that may prove critical or catastrophic? How do we assess our current practices against evolving techniques? And, when should we adopt, adapt or abandon?

It is my belief that open dialog and debate adds to this endeavor. It is my hope that this forum can serve that goal. Throughout the months ahead, SUNY Delhi CIS staff and others will contribute to this forum in order to engage our colleagues, foster discussion and share experiences on various issues, ideas and events; most technical, but perhaps a few outside the traditional realm of bits and bytes.

Be sure to check out their post The Culture of Training. It provides helpful advice about how to stop the donut, coffee, handout, chaos cycle and instead use the tools available. “…we can work toward a culture of self-service, independence, successful task completion, and training materials with a shelf life…by using WebCT, Moodle, Confluence collaboration space (wiki)…audio, video, blended instruction…” The writer gives examples and links for faculty. I love this IT department.  I just hope they don’t get shutdown by ‘the man.’

Via ComputerWorld blog and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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