More relevant content – faster speed to proficiency for learners?

May 17, 2007

Yesterday on Google’s official blog, Marissa Mayer announced their new universal search “…over several years, Google, with the help of more than 100 people, have built the infrastructure, search algorithms, and presentation mechanisms to provide the first step in the evolution toward universal search. Today, Google is making that first step available on by launching the new architecture and using it to blend content from Images, Maps, Books, Video, and News into web results…”

Universal search is about finding the best answer across multiple content types . According to Google, the first pass of universal search focuses on video, news, local and books. Marissa points to this Steve Jobs search to show off universal search.

This has some good implications for education – namely, serving up content that is more relevant (relevance as perceived by Google). I played with it a bit but don’t have anything cool to share yet.

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