10 Ways to Exercise Your Brain Healthy

April 7, 2007

I found this link to an article by Dr. Daniel Amen through Learning Lights blog. 10 Ways to Exercise Your Brain Healthy. I originally read this and thought duh, and did you know that if you eat less and exercise more you’ll lose weight? However, there’s a good message here. The reason why Dr. Amen says we need effective training programs in the workplace if you’re trained to do something badly, you’ll do it badly. Don’t just train people we train brains by providing corrective feedback for mistakes. Your brain doesn’t care if you’re doing something well. “Teaching someone to do something well at the start prevents them from developing bad habits, which get solidified in the brain and are subsequently hard to retrain.” Do you get caught up in “remedial” or re-training? Maybe your learners didn’t get it right the first time or are learning from co-workers with established bad habits. Not everything is solved by training and sometimes the training itself is the problem.

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