Talent Management – the LMS footprint is growing

March 29, 2007

I was thrilled to have worked with Mark Albrecht on a new report on talent management.

At my prior job I worked on creating competencies. Working with several managers, I can recall one saying that the process was a ‘boatload’ of work. It was (and is).

Training has long been an arm of HR as has benefits, compensation, recruitment, leadership development, and hiring. However, functions are not always fully integrated and often individual areas operate as silos with many disconnects. Training, often seen as the cosmic solution to organizational problems, is just one element of organizational development.

The goal of organizational learning as a whole should encompass training and the overall development of talent. Talent Management Systems provide those tools but can be complex and can create confusion when an organization is seeking to implement a solution.

Many organizations are looking for end-to-end solutions – Learning Management, Learning Content Management, and Talent & Performance Management – a suite of products that they don’t have to piece together but are fully integrated. The LMS footprint is growing.

In the report Mark Albrecht suggests selecting a system using a “Talent Management Selection Framework” over the less effective RFP process. This use case-type process will help you avoid scope and feature creep. It allows you to select “your” system.

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